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PMI offers the following value-added services that complement our injection molding specialty and create a one-stop-shop for our customers.
We have the capacity to mold, decorate and assemble your components to save you time, money and the frustration of juggling multiple vendors and timetables. PMI can produce quality pad printing, hot stamping and metal stamping to your precise specifications.



We have five pad print machines to complement our injection molding services. Trained operators can apply single color accents to your components. All machines are microprocessor controlled so components are printed to the highest standards.

Our high tech rotary tables provide versatility, high quality and cost effective production. We maintain temperatures and climate controlled environment rooms that regulate the evaporation rate of ink solvents and maintain ambient temperature. Contracting with PMI to print your molded products reduces production time and keeps costs at a minimum.

PMI’s vertical injection molding services are complemented by our ability to produce our own metal stamping. Our 45- and 80-ton presses produce inserts for use on our seven vertical molding machines.

This added service reduces lead-time, results in greater efficiencies in inventory and supply chain management, and reduces your costs. PMI can control both your molding and stamping processes. If you have an insert molding job, let us look at both operations and show you how PMI can help you improve efficiencies.

We have the capacity to assist customers with developing subassembly operations that yield end products to your precise specifications and alleviate the need to work with multiple vendors. We can assemble separate components outside the mold through snap-fits, welding and adhesive bonding, either prior to or after the molding process.

PMI’s secondary operations shop has hydraulic and pneumatic presses and ultrasonic welders. We are capable of designing mechanical and electronic test fixtures to assure that the components we assemble pass your inspection. Our highly trained personnel are in place and ready to assemble components that we mold for you or parts that you provide.

PMI is certified and fully complies with processes and procedures outlined in ISO 9001-2015. This is used to observe, measure, and analyze variation, and maintain product quality and conformity.
The high standards set by PMI’s Quality Assurance department are reflected in our goal of zero defects. Our immaculate working environment contributes to efficient manufacturing, safe working conditions and output perfection.
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