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PMI generates superior parts by actively monitoring equipment and processes, and meticulously inspecting the completed product for quality.
PMI’s primary specialty is high-pressure injection, insert and blow molding. We have more than 40 thermoplastic molding presses, including injection, vertical and blow molding machines manufactured by Van Dorn, Nissei, Milacron and Demag. Our injection presses range in size from 50 to 700 tons of clamp pressure. Each press is equipped with state-of-the-art controllers that measure both velocity and pressure ram state, compare output to control variables, and alert the operator of any deviations.
Our blow molding machines range in size from 5 to 25 pound shot size and are capable of producing high performance and high volume hollow containers from a wide range of resins, and in a variety of shapes for multiple end users. PMI can also design and build prototype and production molds that transform your ideas into perfection. Our highly trained teams of operators maintain zero tolerance for blistering, burn marks, color streaks, delamination, flash and other forms of defective output.
Using state-of-the-art equipment and leading-edge technology, we have transformed the practice of custom molding to the pinnacle of precision, allowing us to engage in more diverse services for our customers. PMI’s customer-driven processes have led to diversity of our dynamic operations.
We use Pro-Engineer technology that enables us to create solutions for every size design challenge. The result is that we provide you faster and more accurate quotes than most of our competitors. We have the capacity to download designs directly from the designers to our mold makers to accelerate the manufacturing process. We can also predict potential design flaws and recommend corrections before you are faced with the costly expense of producing an unusable design. Our exceptional performance means that products you receive comply with your exacting standards for quality and are delivered when you need them.

We have more than 40 thermoplastic molding presses, including injection, vertical and blow molding machines manufactured by Van Dorn, Nissei, Milacron and Demag

Precision Molding, Inc. offers the following value-added services that complement our injection molding specialty and create a one-stop-shop for our customers: We have the capacity to mold, decorate and assemble your components to save you time, money and the frustration of juggling multiple vendors and timetables. PMI can produce quality pad printing, hot stamping and metal stamping to your precise specifications.

PMI is certified and fully complies with processes and procedures outlined in ISO 9001-2015. This is used to observe, measure, and analyze variation, and maintain product quality and conformity.
The high standards set by PMI’s Quality Assurance department are reflected in our goal of zero defects. Our clean working environment contributes to efficient manufacturing, safe working conditions and output perfection.
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